SENSRI offers a range of educational courses and resources. Below you will find a listing of a number of articles that address contemporary issues in education and provide insight into phenomenon-centered science education. Other articles about science, technology, and philosophy, as well as books by SENSRI authors, can be found on our Publications page. Also listed on this page are descriptions of the courses that we offer, with links to more information.


One World - A new approach to being on earth

A five-day SENSRI course integrating inner and outer aspects of life, creating One World for the benefit of humanity and the environment.

These courses are offered periodically for adults who seek to deepen their relationship to the phenomenal world, and to develop a new environmental aesthetic that encourages appropriate, restorative environmental technologies. We also offer One World courses for older high school students. The course will be offered at our retreat center in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, where immersion in a pristine environment supports this work. Please call or email if interested in learning more about the next course.

Teaching Sensible Science

A part-time course offered during the school year to help teachers develop an understanding and experience of phenomena-based science.

This course is offered in three one-week sessions distributed through the school year. Course work consists of classes on the foundations of a phenomenological science, artistic work including drawing and movement, and discussions. The intention of this course is to give teachers a living connection to science such that enthusiasm, understanding, and interest can be shared in the classroom. This course is designed for practicing Waldorf grade school teachers, although other interested teachers are encouraged to inquire as well.

For up-to-date information on the next Teaching Sensible Science course sequence please call or email if interested in applying or for additional information.

Click here to download comments from one teacher who found this course valuable and transformative.


Teaching Sensible Science. Gary Banks, with contributions by Michael D'Aleo et all. Research Bulletin, Research Institute for Waldorf Education, Autumn 2005, This report explores the process and results of developing a new approach to teacher education for middle school science teachers.
Volume XI Number 1, pp. 53-59. TSSArticle.pdf Download

Phenomenology and the Waldorf Science Curriculum. Michael D'Aleo. Renewal - A Journal of Waldorf Education, Fall/Winter 2004, Volume 13, Number 2, pp. 27-33. This article explains the basic tenets of a phenomenological approach to science and how it is applied in the classroom.
WhatisPhenomenology.pdf - Download

Human Experience, Technology and the Environment. Michael D'Aleo. Newsletter of the Society for the Evolution of Science, Vol. 18, No.1, Spring 2002, pp. 15-19. This essay examines the difference between staying attentive in the moment to our experiences instead of separating our self from the world around us, and how this choice affects our approaches to technology and the built environment.
HumanExperience.pdf - Download