Publications by SENSRI Authors


The Marriage of Sense and Thought. Stephen Edelglass, Georg Maier, Hans Gebert and John Davy. Lindisfarne Books, Hudson, NY, 1997 (146 pages).

Sensible Physics Teaching. Michael D'Aleo and Stephen Edelglass. Parker Courtney Press, Austin Texas, 1999 (140 pages).

The Physics of Human Experience. Stephen Edelglass. Adonis Press, Hillsdale, NY, 2006 (135 pages).

On-Line Books

Being on Earth: Practice In Tending the Appearances. Georg Maier, Ron Brady, Stephen Edelglass. 2006.
Entire Book - PDF 1.8 MB - Download PDF



Water, Energy and Global Warming. Michael D'Aleo and Stephen Edelglass. Net Future #118, March 1, 2001. Revised and updated July 1, 2009. This report shows that "harmless" water vapor and the actual quantity of energy produced with it may be at least as responsible for local climatic changes as carbon dioxide.   Download PDF   (The original, 2001 version of this report can be viewed here.)


Teaching Sensible Science. Gary Banks, with contributions by Michael D'Aleo et all. Research Bulletin, Research Institute for Waldorf Education, Autumn 2005, This report explores the process and results of developing a new approach to teacher education for middle school science teachers. Volume XI Number 1, pp. 53-59.   Download PDF

Phenomenology and the Waldorf Science Curriculum. Michael D'Aleo. Renewal - A Journal of Waldorf Education, Fall/Winter 2004, Volume 13, Number 2, pp. 27-33. Explains the basic tenets of a phenomenological approach to science and how it is applied in the classroom. Download PDF

An explanation of the phenomenological approach for parents of middle school children. An interview with Michael D'Aleo; transcribed by Bob Amis. Waldorf Science Newsletter Volume 13, #23, pp 11-14, 2007.

Science and Philosophy

Human Experience, Technology and the Environment. Michael D'Aleo. Newsletter of the Society for the Evolution of Science, Vol. 18, No.1, Spring 2002, pp. 15-19. This essay examines the difference between staying attentive in the moment to our experiences instead of separating our self from the world around us, and how this choice affects our approaches to technology and the built environment.
Human Experience...

Dogma and Doubt. Ronald Brady. Reprinted from Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 1982, vol. 17, pp. 79-96. This paper clarifies the role of evidence and belief in the doctrine of natural selection.
Dogma and Doubt.

Getting Rid of Metaphysics. Ronald Brady. Reprinted (with revisions) from Elemente der Naturwissenschaft, 2001, vol. 2, of the Natural Sciences Section at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland, pp. 61-78. This essay examines philosophical dimensions of the relationship between experience and knowing, showing how meaning arises from our intentional participation in experience.
Getting Rid of Metaphysics.

Perception: Connections Between Art and Science. Ronald Brady. Originally presented as an invited paper, "Perception and Hypotheses of Perception" at a conference sponsored by the British Museum of Natural History (London, April 4-7, 2000). This paper examines the role of thinking (especially "intentionality") in our perception of the world.
Perception: Connections...