Recent Essays

Real Hope, Real Change (download PDF)
A recent essay by Michael D'Aleo about how to meet the future by developing a practice of experiencing the present.

Water, Energy and Global Warming (download PDF)
Revised and updated July 1, 2009, this report shows that "harmless" water vapor and the actual quantity of energy produced with it may be at least as responsible for local climatic changes as carbon dioxide.

The New Environmental Aesthetic
The following essay is based on the address given by Michael D'Aleo at SENSRI's seventh anniversary celebration in Saratoga Springs on November 16, 2006.

Reliability, Predictability and Scientific Knowing
What you see in front of you is usually more important than what you expect to happen. Understanding the difference between our relationhip to the world of machines and the natural world leads to some interesting and helpful lessons about living today.

What is Phenomenology
Science has always stressed careful observation of phenomena, but recently there has developed a growing need to pay more careful attention to phenomena and to our interpretation of them.